Tiny Life Ruiners: Cecilia Kate McMahon (Part One




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Eddie Vedder, clearly drunk, singing at a baseball game. This just made me love him more…that’s why I made the gif. Anyway, he was supposed to say: “Buy me some peanuts and crackerjacks”

baseball spirit animal right heeeeeeere

I’ll make your dreams come true.

4/9/14 Blackhawks Morning Skate Live: FEEL MY BICEP

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Top 10 studio moments - like Letterman:

10. Not realizing until around the last day of recording that the food from the taco truck we had been eating every day was actually complete garbage that was responsible for the general awkwardness I felt often.

9. Telling Steve he had up-dog on his shoulder. Ha!

8. Finding the best hobby shop in greater L.A. in hopes to build a model car or plane. Getting to the hobby shop and realizing the three of us were born to build dollhouses. Coming to grips with the fact the dollhouse construction is the most expensive hobby on EARTH.

Wood = $20.

Paint, wallpaper, furniture, shrubbery, siding, mini people, paint brushes, etc = $$$$$$$$$

Finding a way to buy the dollhouse with most of the money we each had = Priceless.

7. Starting construction on a dollhouse with Andrew and Nate. (guys, put the wallpaper on, you have my blessing. Paint it as well.)

6. Watching Steve record bass. Jumping etc.

5. Sleeping with Nate on a pull out every night, Andrew was in the kitchen. Our form of a party.

4. Getting breakfast once the entire time we were there (breakfast burrito at Nate’s place).

3. Playing “Thank you”. A game we invented that involves a Nerf ball, mini hoop, a wall, two bean bags, three rugs, three of us, a robot, and a Fender Rhodes

2. Hamlet Two - “I know its stupid, but its also theatre.”


1. WATCHING MAD MEN EVERY NIGHT!!! And deciding which characters we would all be:

I’m Draper - because I have short hair now and I’m arrogant enough to think I’d be Draper!

Nate - Roger Sterling just because…and his name is on the side of the building.

Andrew - Joan Hollaway because we all love him. He is kind of like the office manager and we all want to make love with him.

At least that’s my take on it. Nate, Andrew, any ideas? You think I’m Kenny Cossgrove don’t you? I’m fine with that. This is pointless if you don’t like the show. Once again, sorry.

Anyway…see you all soon!


fun. (Nate, Andrew. Jack)